System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) Work Management and Performance

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Course Outline:

This course is intended for IT staff responsible for configuring and managing the work management environment and for managing and monitoring system performance. The course covers creating subsystems and customising the system to manage workloads and optimise performance. How to monitor, what to monitor, collecting performance data, analysing the data using various tools, advanced options for tuning the system etc. Look at the new performance tools in IBM’s Navigator for i browser based GUI.


Delegates should have attended the Operations (ISOPS) or System Facilities (ISSFC) course or have the equivalent hands on experience. Note there is overlap with the Work Management topic in the System Management and Administration course.

Course content:

• Introduction to Work Management
• Key questions to consider prior to setting up the work environment
• Detail the different types of job on the system
• Understand how jobs flow through the system
• Tailoring the work environment to meet the business needs
• Create and change subsystem descriptions
• Add, change and remove work entries to subsystem descriptions
• Detail the different types of system storage pools
• How to configure shared and private system storage pools
• Understand how routing entries work
• Add, change and remove routing entries to a subsystem description
• Create and manage job descriptions and job classes
• Describe other Work Management related objects
• Manage subsystems
• Transferring jobs to other subsystems and re-routing jobs
• Defining performance objectives and targets
• Methods of approach for dealing with performance problems, general performance monitoring
  and when the system and applications change
• Detail the available tools for managing performance
• Detail the QPFRADJ system value and the different settings
• Detail other performance related system values
• How to set up initial system storage pool sizes and activity levels
• How and what to monitor when measuring performance
• Detail and monitor page fault rates and job transition rates
• Manually tune the system to optimise performance
• Changing storage pool sizes and activity levels
• Real time performance monitoring using CL commands and GUIs
• How automatic tuning works and how you can customise this
• Advanced tuning options on the system
• Tips on tuning for good performance
• Collecting performance data using Collection Services
• Manage Collection Services performance data
• Monitor system resource usage on one or more servers using Navigator
• Create and run job, message and file monitors in Navigator
• Display and analyse performance data using different tools
• Detail the different types of Performance Tools reports
• How to generate performance reports
• Analyse the statistics in a System report
• Use the Performance Tools menu
• Resource utilisation guidelines
• Using Expert Cache
• Introduction to Job Watcher and Disk Watcher
• Introduction to new performance tools in IBM Navigator for i
• Introduction to Performance Data Investigator and Health indicators
• Detail IBM resource utilisation guidelines

Follow on Courses:

We recommend that after a suitable period of time of attending this course then delegates may want to enhance the knowledge
they have gained on this course by attending the Advanced Operations course.


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