System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) RPG400 Programming

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Course Outline:

The course is aimed at programmers who will be developing or supporting RPG application programs. The modern RPGLE syntax will be referred to only. During the course multiple screen enquiry, reporting, and maintenance programs will be designed, developed and linked together.


Delegates should ideally have attended the System Facilities course (ISSFC) and Program Design (ISPGD) prior to this course or have hands on experience of using PDM, SEU, SDA and DDS.

Course content:

• Review of the database:
    • DDS syntax
    • Creating Physical files
    • Creating Logical files
• External Printer file definition
• The structure of a report
• Processing a report
• Evolution of RPG
• RPG source code:
    • Coding
    • Compiling
    • Binding
    • The structure
• The RPG specification types
• Indicators
• Figurative constants
• The calculation specification
• Basic Operation codes
• Display file definition (SDA), DDS and indicators
• Enquiry programs
• Interactive programs
• Operation codes
• Using and defining Subroutines
• Arithmetic Operation codes
• Linking programs together
• Operation codes for calling programs
• Passing parameters
• Database operations & Partial key processing
• Operation codes for file maintenance
• Debugging programs
• Standard & interactive source debug
• Uses of input specifications:
    • Named constants
    • Data structures
• The program status data structure:
    • Introducing Subfiles
    • The subfile and control records
    • SDA for subfiles
    • Subfile programming
    • Types and techniques
    • Subfile program logic
    • File specifications
    • Operation codes for processing subfiles
• Data areas:
    • The local data area
    • Operation codes for data areas
• Arrays:
    • The definition of an array
    • Extension specifications
    • Compile time arrays
• Using subscripts:
    • Operation codes for arrays
• The concept of file maintenance:
    • The logic of a file maintenance program
    • Operation codes for file maintenance
    • Record locking
    • Data validation
    • Error messages
    • Using DDS keywords
    • Validation loops
    • Presence and absence checking

Follow on Courses:

The Advanced RPG/400 programming (ISRPT) or Crossover to Modern RPGLE (ISR4X). Also Power RPG with SQL (ISSQE) and RPG Subfile programming (ISRPS).


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