System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) Rational Developer for i

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Rational Developer for i is an integrated development environment built on the Eclipse platform. It resides on the developer’s desktop, supporting development in both host-connected and disconnected (i.e. offline) modes.
Learn how to: navigate the system with Remote Systems Explorer (RSE), edit source code with the LPEX editor and the integrated graphical DDS design tools. These products provide the equivalent functionality of PDM, SEU, SDA, RLU and more. Learn the new features and tools of the Rational Developer for i product, move away from the traditional green screen tools such as PDM/SEU/SDA.


Suitable for new or experienced developers on the System i who want a quick start guide to Rational Developer for i (RDi).

Course content:

Perspectives, Filters & Views – describing the general working environment
     • RSE Perspective
     • Connecting to IBM i
     • Setting up and managing filters
     • Objects subsystem
     • Working with libraries, objects, members
     • Running host commands interactive and batch
 LPEX editor – entering, modifying and comparing source code
     • Object table view (PDM type environment)
     • Editing members
     • SEU replacement features
     • Finding compile errors
     • New editing features
     • Line commands
     • Keyboard short cuts
     • Changing preferences
     • Verification & compilation
 DDS Design – graphical perspectives for screen and report design
     • Design preferences
     • Design workbench: Outline, Prompter, Preview, Properties
     • Design pallet
     • Screen Design: Normal, Window, Subfile
     • Report Design Perspective
     • Print File design
 Debug – using the interactive, integrated debug tool
     • Debug features within RSE
     • Debug perspective
     • Service entry points
     • Single click & launch configurations
     • Breakpoints: Line, Source, Watch, Conditional
     • Monitoring variables
 iProjects – working disconnected from IBM i
     • iProjects perspective
     • Setting up an iProject
     • Working off-line
     • Local & Remote resources
     • Adding v Importing
     • Using different build styles

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