System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) ILE Fundamentals

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ILE is now covered on the Crossover to modern RPGLE course although we can still run this as a standalone course. The Integrated Language Environment (ILE) is a programming technique that allows the modular development of applications. It applies many of the techniques of object orientation and therefore provides a gradual transition to the eventual deployment of Java. RPG and CL both participate in ILE. This course is aimed at developers already using RPGLE and who will be using ILE as the programming model to create re-usable program modules.


Delegates must be already developing in RPGLE. RPGLE is taught on the Programming courses RPGIV Programming (ISR4P) and Advanced RPGIV Programming (ISR4A). Experienced RPG/400 programmers must attend the RPGIV Crossover course (ISR4X) prior to attending this course and it is recommended to have suitable hands on experience after attending the RPGIV Crossover course and before attending this course.

Course content:

• Introduction to ILE
• Basic ILE Concepts
• Benefits of ILE
• ILE program creation strategy v OPM
• Dynamic calls v static calls
• The DSPPGM and DSPMOD commands
• Sub-procedure definition:
    • ILE and activation group considerations
    • Structure of a program containing subprocedures
    • Procedure specifications
    • Prototyping a subprocedure
    • Methods of passing parameters
• Introduction to RPG modules
• Debugging considerations when creating modules
• The program entry procedure
• Procedure and Variable exports and imports
• Nomain modules
• Updating ILE programs
• Finding embedded modules inside programs
• Introduction to ILE CL
• CL compile and call commands
• CL command changes/differences
• Service programs
• Binding by copy v binding by reference
• Service program commands
• Public and private procedures
• Signatures
• Creating service programs and export techniques
• Retrieving binder source
• Introduction to binding directories
• Binding directory commands
• Working with and using binding directories
• Program activation
• Key contents of activation groups
• Reasons for activation groups
• Defining and using activation groups
• Lifetime of an activation group
• Deleting activation groups
• Managing activation groups
• ILE tips and techniques
• Error handling
• The Monitor and On-Error commands
• Prototype definitions using /copy and /include
• The C Function library

Follow on Courses:

To expand programming skills consider the RPG and SQL suite of courses.


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