System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) Further Subfile

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Course Outline:

Flexible data loading with Expanding (page by page) Subfile programming techniques
Volatile data control with Single page Subfile programming techniques
Coding page control & Refresh options within RPG
Plus sign control for advanced coding techniques
Data Entry Subfile coding techniques
Common methods for Subfile and Subfile control validation
Error Message Subfile definition
Adding, Removing and Displaying messages with an error message Subfile
Introduction to Embedded SQL & Bindable techniques with Subfiles


A basic understanding of RPG programming and Load All Subfile programming techniques as covered in the RPG Programming course (ISR4P) and Introduction to Subfile Programming course (ISRPS).

Course content:

Expanding Subfile Technique

  • Understand the difference between an expanding and ‘load all’ Subfile
  • Convert ‘Load All’ DDS for expanding logic
  • Convert a ‘Load All’ Subfile to use expanding technique
  • Control the plus sign even when the number of records is a multiple of SFLPAG

Single Page Subfile Technique

  • Understand what is special about a single page Subfile
  • Convert expanding DDS for Single Page logic
  • Understand the coding required for a single page Subfile program

Data Entry Subfile

  • Explain what is special about a data entry Subfile
  • Understand the additional Subfile keywords required:
  • Understand the coding required for a data entry Subfile program
  • Separate Control and Subfile validation techniques
  • Confirmation processing

Error message Subfiles

  • Explain what  an error message Subfile is used for
  • Code an error message Subfile
  • Add messages to an error message Subfile
  • Remove messages from an error message Subfile
  • Display messages from the Subfile  via RPG

Modular Subfile Techniques

  • Use pre-written modules to generate ‘Load All’ Subfile program with:
              Embedded SQL,
              Error Message Subfile sub-procedures,
              Modern free format coding techniques


Follow on Courses:

To further your RPG programming skills consider the Advanced RPG4 Programming course (ISR4A). Also consider the Rational Developer for i (ISRDI) course.


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