System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) Advanced RPG400 Programming

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Duration: 3 Day Book Course
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Course Outline:

Delegates will develop more comprehensive, user driven applications. Execution time errors will be trapped
and prevented, a multi-user file update program will be written, window displays will be used and CL commands
executed from within RPG. Also DDS features such as choice fields, radio buttons, pull down menus and menu
bars will be coded and interfaced into RPG and externally described data structures and arrays will be coded.


This is the follow on course for RPG400 Programming (ISRPP), so a basic understanding of RPG is assumed.

Course content:

• Windows in display files
• Finding the cursor locations
• Displaying long data items
• Database file handling and error trapping
• Handling record locks
• Data structures:
    • Externally described data structure
    • Multiple occurrence data structures
    • Program status data structure
    • File information data structures
• Reducing record locking with screen timeouts
• Commitment control and journaling
• Coding footers and summary pages on reports
• Arrays in RPG:
    • E-Specs
    • Compile time
    • Run time
    • Operation codes
• Join logical files and OPNQRYF
• User controlled files and overrides
• Executing CL commands from within RPG (QCMDEXC)
• Inter job communication
• DDS extras and interfacing into RPG:
    • Choice fields and buttons
    • Radio buttons
    • Drop down menus
    • Menu bar definition

Follow on Courses:

The RPG Subfile Programming course (ISRPS)


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