System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) Security

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Course Outline:

This course is intended for staff who are responsible for, or need to have a good understanding of security on the system. The key areas of security covered on this course are security system values, all the commands and tools needed to create and manage user and group profiles, all the commands and tools needed to secure data on the system, how to set up auditing and monitor activity on the system and how to secure the IFS.


Delegates will have attended the Operations course (ISOPS) or have the equivalent hands on experience.

Course content:

• Introduction to security
• The key elements of security on the System i
• Detail objects, libraries and library lists and introduce the IFS
• Detail the security related system values
• The lock function for security system values
• How to set up system, user profile and object auditing
• Analyse audit entries
• Create and manage user and group profiles using CL commands and Navigator
• Additional commands to manage user profiles (automatically disable/delete profiles, default passwords, object ownership etc.)
• Detail adopted authority and how to monitor and manage it
• Detail Service Tools User ID’s (including – recover QSECOFR password)
• Detail how object authority works
• How Public authority is assigned
• Use CL commands to secure objects and manage security
• Use the security tools menus
• Create and manage authorisation lists
• How the system authenticates a user to an object
• How to secure directories/objects in the IFS
• How to secure mapped drives
• Work with Function Usage and Application Administration to secure functions such as FTP, Data Transfer etc.

Follow on Courses:

Potential follow on courses will depend on the job role of the delegate concerned. Note that the majority of this course is also covered on the System Management and Administration course (ISADM) so delegates should not attend both courses.


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