System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) Overview

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Course Outline:

This course is intended for users, IT staff and managers who are new to the system and need an insight into the system’s facilities and capabilities. No previous experience is necessary.


There are no prerequisites for this course but delegates should have basic keyboard skills.

Course content:

• Brief history of the system
• Detail the key characteristics of the system
• Detail the different models available and explain how CPW works
• Describe the design and architecture of the system
• Detail the key aspects of the operating system
• Introduce Logical Partitioning (LPAR)
• Overview CL commands, menus, using help and function keys
• Overview objects and libraries
• Overview the Integrated File System (IFS)
• Introduce key aspects of the DB2 database – Physical and Logical Files, journaling etc.
• Overview programming tools such as PDM/SEU/DFU/SDA/RDi
• Detail how work flows through the system – jobs, subsystems, printing etc.
• Introduction to the key aspects of security
• Look at the various backup, recovery and availability options
• Overview Network functions including TCP/IP, mapped network drives etc.
• Introduce running Windows, AIX and Linux on the system
• Overview the Access for Windows licensed program
• Overview the BRMS, Query and Websphere licensed programs
• Overview other available licensed programs

Follow on Courses:

We recommend that after this course delegates should consider attending the Operations course (ISOPS) or System Facilities course (ISSFC) depending on the delegates job role.


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