System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) Navigator

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Course Outline:

This course is aimed at operators and support staff who want to learn the full capabilities that the Navigator graphical tool offers. The course covers all areas including initial installation, customisation of the screen content, detailed information on Navigators vast functionality and the tools available in Management Central to assist in simplifying the management and day to day operations on one or more servers.


Delegates will have attended the Operations course (ISOPS) or have the equivalent hands on experience.

Course content:

• Install and configure Navigator on the PC
• How to Navigate around the tool
• Customising the screen content
• Tips on speeding up Navigator performance
• How the drag and drop functionality in Navigator can be used effectively
• Managing printing, messages and jobs
• Simplifying TCP/IP management
• Easily create and manage user and group profiles on one or more servers
• Secure Navigator functions using application administration
• Secure objects, libraries and directories using permissions and authorisation lists
• Manage system values across one or more servers
• Perform database administration tasks
• Run SQL scripts within Navigator
• Manage the IFS
• Create and manage directories in the IFS and objects and libraries in QSYS
• Create and manage file and print shares
• Manage Netserver
• Distribute data easily throughout a network using different methods
• Drag and drop between Navigator and Windows
• Manage hardware and software resources across one or more servers
• Manage disk units in Navigator
• Introduction to Management Central concepts and functions
• Set up endpoint systems and system groups to simplify operations tasks
• Secure Management Central
• Run CL commands on one or more servers
• Use Navigator to easily manage PTFs across one or more servers
• Keep PTF’s/System Values/System time consistent across servers
• Create and use system, job, message and file monitors to automate functions such as resource usage (CPU, disk capacity etc.)
  across one or more servers
• Collect and manage performance data using Collection Services

Follow on Courses:

We recommend that after a suitable period of time of attending this course (e.g. 3 to 6 months hands on experience) then delegates may want to enhance the knowledge they have gained on this course by attending the Advanced Operations (ISOPA) or System Management and Administration (ISADM) course.


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