System i (AS/400, iSeries, i5) Advanced Query

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Course Outline:

This course is intended for end users and support staff who need to learn the advanced features of the Query licensed program. The course includes joining files in different ways, output the results of a query to a database file in different ways, create new fields for numeric calculations, date and time conversions, substringing, concatenation etc. and transferring files generated by query to your PC.


Delegates wishing to attend this course will ideally have been on the Basic Query course (ISQRY) or have the equivalent hands on experience.

Course content:

• How to join files
• Detail the different types of join
• Examples of different types of joins
• How to produce a report in your own user defined sequence
• Selecting a Collating Sequence
• How to hide a field from the final report that you have sorted on
• Perform substring and concatenate expressions (i.e. extract part of a character field and join
  character fields into one field)
• How to output a query definition to a database file in different ways
• Subsequent use of the output file in further queries
• Perform queries on summary data
• Using the QTEMP library
• Perform numeric calculations on fields
• Use of Edit Codes
• How to use Edit Words to add your own text to a field
• How to sort on mixed case fields
• How to select records on mixed case fields
• How to convert fields from numeric to character
• How to convert character fields to date fields
• Perform date calculations
• How to format the date
• Time and timestamp functions and calculations
• Use rounding on numeric calculations and other processing options
• How to download a query output file to the PC
• How to create a Data transfer from the desktop
• Data transfer from a “green screen” session
• Securing query definitions and query output files
• Using the RUNQRY command
• Disabling interactive queries
• Automating Queries
• Hints and Tips on creating and running queries
• Tips on Joining Files



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