Onsite Training

In addition to running public scheduled courses at our site in Northampton we also offer “on site” courses delivered
at your chosen location within the UK or abroad. The benefits of running courses at your premises include:

We can run this course using your equipment (server, PCs, printer), or we can use our equipment, whichever you prefer.

Course Customisation

The course content and duration can be specifically tailored to meet your exact requirements based on your objectives and the experience of your staff.

We can offer customisation including:

    Combine specific topics from different courses
    Combine complete courses
    Reduce the course duration

Below are some examples of course customisation we have recently provided for our customers:

Combine specific topics from different courses:

Combine courses:

Reduce the course duration:

Learn the new development tools and operating system enhancements:

Any course customisation will be discussed and agreed with you prior to the course.

Note: We can customise courses and run the course at our own premises if you prefer.


If there are over three delegates attending the course discounts are given for each subsequent attendee. There will be a charge for the instructor's expenses incurred (travel, hotel and subsistence). If we will be using our equipment then an additional charge will be made for this service. We can advise you of any of the above when an enquiry is made. We will advise you of the final cost before the course runs so that you are not caught out with any hidden extras.

Courses Abroad

If the course is to be run abroad then there will be additional charges for travel (i.e. air fare, travel to and from the airport and course location and the delivery of the course notes).

Other Information

Although we limit the maximum number of delegates on our scheduled courses to 6, we can exceed this number for delegates attending a course ran at your premises if required. We have found that it is mutually beneficial to discuss your course objectives, system setup etc. prior to the course. This gives the instructor key background information on your IT infrastructure and system configuration along with the delegates job roles, relative experience etc. to ensure that we can tailor the course to specifically meet these objectives.
Our public scheduled courses start at 09:30 each day and end between 16:30 and 17:00. We have a 15 minute break mid morning and mid afternoon. Lunch is normally around an hour taken between 12:00 and 12:30. On site these times are flexible and can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

If you are interested in an on site course then please Click Here to go to our Contact page or call us on 0845 8672394 to discuss your
requirements further.